Different Types of SMS Messages

Published: 10th March 2009
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SMS or text messaging is a popular means of communication using a mobile phone. It has similarities with the paging service. The only difference is that text messages can be sent even if the receiver is out of coverage area or the mobile phone is off. It will then be received as soon as the user turns on his phone or at the range of the cell sites.

SMS messages are sent through different providers or even in other countries with the use of roaming services. It can be sent in various ways like phone to phone, using web-based applications, or through instant messaging programs.

Text messaging is very practical. It can send ringtones, pictures, operator logos and other multimedia through the Enhanced Messaging Service (EMS). It can alert users with voicemail messages.

It can communicate with people in any country. It can be used to advertise and promote. If subscribed, it can also send the latest news, weather forecasts, currency exchange and other useful updates.
Because of the popularity of SMS, a wide variety of formats using text messaging has been created. These formats are created to send different types of greetings to loved ones and friends.

Love SMS are collection of text messages containing sweet, romantic, poetic and friendly quotes to loved ones and friends. These SMS also includes messages ideal for greeting during Valentines Day. Love SMS can also be sent to our dear parents, tell them how much you love them. Sending these messages can also be a way to court girls.

Birthday SMS is a collection of birthday greetings, wishes and sometimes include funny birthday greetings which will surely send a good smile and laughter to anyone you send the message. You can also send MMS messages containing graphics such as birthday cakes, birthday gifts and balloons.

Mother's day is one of the most special events for the mothers around the world. Send a Mother's Day SMS and tell your mother how much you love her. Tell her how you appreciate her dedication and hardship of being a good mother. A collection of Mother's Day consist of love quotes, jokes, than you message and many other messages dedicated for Mother's Day. Whether you want to bring joy or laughter to your mom, you can surely find an ideal message for your mom.

Friendship SMS consists of thank you messages, comforting messages or jokes for dear friends. Give them a laugh or tell them how important they are as your friend. Tell them how you appreciate their kindness and help when you need one.

Joke SMS is one of the most popular formats. It is a collection of light jokes, humorous jokes and sometimes green jokes. It simply wants to bring fun and laughter to the recipients. Joke SMS also encompass the other categories mentioned above. There can be jokes about love, friendship and family. And it goes way beyond to cover jokes about current events also.

Information SMS is sent by various companies for serious and important details that must be sent across. These messages include that of current events, probably lobbying for votes and encouraging participation in upcoming rallies. It can also be by way of information only, to be abreast of the latest happenings around.
Send any of these large collections of different SMS to anyone whether your friend, love ones, parents or even to business clients. SMS connects people wherever they are.

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