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Published: 10th March 2009
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Toolboxes store and hold your important tools in one place. It prevents losing your items, and also makes it easy to retrieve them when needed. There are many types of toolboxes. There are automobile toolboxes, machinist toolboxes and many other toolboxes available in the market.

There is a big demand of toolboxes in the market that there are many manufacturers competing. Below are some of the best manufacturers in no particular order.

First is Snap-On. It started in 1920 and has been one of the leaders in the industry since then. They make hand and power tools, automotive diagnostic and shop equipment, tool storage products, automotive diagnostic software, transportation software solutions, and construction and electrical software.

They design their products with computers for utmost accuracy and precision. Most of their products are made from metal or plastic.

Matco is another trusted brand. Most of their products are rust resistant. They also give you many choices of models with different features to suit your needs. Since its inception in 1946, Matco has been producing quality toolboxes, mostly for professional use. They have a wide range of models however to also include smaller toolboxes for home use. Matco is easily distinguished in the stores with their trademark white logo.

Another brand, Kennedy, is based in the United Kingdom. It has been around since 1970. They produce quality professional tools and professional toolboxes for home and professional uses. Their toolboxes are usually made of steel. Kennedy is continually designing toolboxes with the goal of making it easier to use.

Waterloo is the most dominant in the market, offering over 80 years of service. Their products are made of metal and plastic, most of classic designs. Their name is trusted for durability and high quality.

Rubbermaid is now the most popular choice in the US. They continually develop their products to meet the changing demands of the market. At first, this company was known for their kitchen products like water jugs, blenders, and thermos. But they expanded to industrial products to produce durable toolboxes we see in the market today.

Craftsman started in 1927. It makes both plastic and metal toolboxes. Most of their toolboxes are portable for easy carrying. Craftsman is not just known for toolboxes, but in producing quality hand tools also.

Kobalt and Stanley are two of the cheapest yet good quality brands. Kobalt also manufactures other working tools aside from toolboxes. Kobalt is formerly connected with Snap-On before breaking away to start on its own. It still upholds the goal of producing only top quality toolboxes while offering them at more affordable prices.

Stack-On can also be trusted for quality. They have been around since 1972. They specialize in manufacturing cabinets and other storage products, including toolboxes. They have a wide array of models for professional use. These are heavy duty toolboxes made from the finest and most durable materials.

Stanley is already a household name when it comes to hand tools and other working equipment. This includes toolboxes. The famous black and yellow design is trusted by most users already.

Manufacturers establish good reputations through customer feedbacks. The best manufacturers around have received many good reviews already, and are trusted for quality products.

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